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GM News | 總務部 | 总务部

Please note…

TCCC west side (50 Acadia) asphalt paving work has been extended until June 4th. The area to be paved is shaded blue as indicated in the diagram.

For activities during the day time, please use the parking area close to 105 Gibson or at the St. Mark Coptic Church.

There will be no paving work on Sunday, May 27th. Congregation members can park on 80 Acadia (except the exclusive parking for 80 Acadia) or at St. Mark Coptic Church. Traffic coordinator(s) will be arranged on Sunday to assist members to park.

After the completion of the west side, we will continue to work with 80 Acadia to complete the east side paving work.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

5月22至31日(週二至週四)位於西面與50 Acadia 相連的路面,將會有重鋪工程進行,期間請泊車於東面或泊車於埃及東正教會 (St. Mark Coptic Church), 不便之處見諒。

5月22至31日(周二至周四)位于西面与50 Acadia 相连的路面,将会有重铺工程进行,期间请泊车于东面或泊车于埃及东正教会(St. Mark Coptic Church), 不便之处见谅。


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