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Saddle Lake STM

Saddle Lake STM trip May 17th – 25th.   Team members: L-R Matthew Cheng, Renie Kee, Roxy Kee,  Everett Leung (not in picture) with Pastor Ian (Saddle Lake Commission on May 13th). Please follow us at  

We’re hiring

Application deadline: May 6th, 2018

Church closed due to inclement weather

  Please note that due to inclement weather, our church is closed Saturday January 18th after 5:00 pm All activities and programs are cancelled. Church will re-open on Sunday January 19th

Easter Baptism Service, April 1st

(Photography: David Ng) Easter Baptism Booklet

TCCC Day Camp 2018 Registration

Registration Form (click above link to download form) Registration deadline: May 13th, 2018   TCCC Day Camp Volunteer Opportunities Application forms are available online or at the Welcome booth in the church atrium. Highlights from the past…

E2 Children’s Ministry Conference

Downloads: Brochure and Registration Form   |   Workshop Description

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2018 崇拜部 -「波棵摩科」普通話培訓

  各位崇拜部及主內弟兄姊妹: 崇拜部將於3月24日(週六)舉行「波棵摩科」普通話培訓,時間:上午9:30至下午12:30,地點:副堂,講員:國語堂劉莉俠執事,目的是學習準確掌握普通話,幫助在今天華人事工中唱詩和溝通;內容包括普通話拼音方法、發音技巧、實用詞彙、日用語句、廣東人常犯的毛病、常見的錯誤等,將設即時練習及答問時間。部員必須出席受訓,歡迎會友參加。「你們當樂意侍奉耶和華,當來向他歌唱!」(詩篇 100:2)   Loading…