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September 21, 2109 MP4 download Topic: 食品安全百萬富翁 Speaker: Dr. Ruby Lee 感謝主,讓我們今天有九月份信望愛小組聚會, 有Ruby當主席,領詩,和帶領食品安全百萬富翁來破解食品安全迷思。 感謝大家踴躍參與發問。 恭喜各位十萬,一萬,一千,一百,十元和一元富翁。 特別歡迎十多位本地教會和從香港遠道而來的新來賓。我們恭賀Patsy,Elaine, Wayne的香港朋友恩典弟兄,和Ruby 生日快樂,天天喜樂。 恭賀Patsy和恩典弟兄獲得金蘑菇作記念。又有Rita帶領結束禱告。最後一同享受弟兄姊妹愛心預備的豐富愛宴, 是何等的善,何等的美。 August 17, 2019 MP4 video download Date: August 17, 2019 Topic: 減軽痛楚伸展運動 Guest speaker: Andrew Chan (RMT) 感謝主,讓我們今天有八月份信望愛小組聚會,有Wayne 當主席領詩,有Cindy 先生 Andrew, 帶領減輕痛楚伸展活動, 悉心教導,深入淺出, 生動有趣, 獲益良多, 愛宴時還一一示範, 耐心指導, Andrew Cindy夫婦真是愛主愛人的典範。 我們特別歡迎尼希米團契共十位牧者弟兄姊妹和朋友來參加 。又為八月份壽星祝賀, 為Alison回港求主祝福保守, 有我們的實習神學生Lilian做聚會結束禱告,最後一同享受弟兄姊妹愛心預備的豐富愛宴, 是何等的善,何等的美。  …
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TCCC Children’s Choir

About Children’s Choir TCCC Children’s Choir began in 1986 with a purpose to teach children to serve God in the worship ministry. The children will learn technical skills such as sight reading, ear training, and harmonizing as well as how to express themselves creatively. The choir appears regularly in Sunday worship services performing works in…
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D4G is now accepting registration…

D4G Fellowship for Grade 4 to Grade 6 (every 1st and 3rd Friday night). Location: 105 Gibson Centre, Room 102 Time: 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. Please register here for the September 20, 2019 to June 19, 2020 term.

Children’s Choir is now accepting registrations: 儿童诗班招收新学员:

Calling all aspiring singers aged 5 to 15 to join.  Rehearsals are held every Saturday from 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m., beginning on Sept 14th, 2019. Registration fee is $50 per child and $45 per additional sibling.