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Alpha Program (Cantonese) Alpha Program (Mandarin) TCCC Chinese Alpha Program (主題:人生的追、求、訂、結、離) are held on Tuesdays between March 6th  to April 24th from 7 p.m to 9:30 p.m in the Side Chapel. TCCC members, friends and relatives are welcome to attend. Course contents & activities include: Free Dinner provided for each participants before each class, Topical Message Sharing…
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講道 – MP3

03-18-2018 Rev. Sophia Chan 03-18-2018 Pastor Monica Chan 03-11-2018 Rev. Philip Wong 03-04-2018 Rev. Dr. Harding Ng 02-25-2018 Rev. Sue Leung 02-25-2018 Rev. Jonathan Chan 02-18-2018 Rev. Dr. Harding Ng 02-11-2018 Pastor Steven Lo 02-11-2018 Pastor Benny Cheung 02-04-2018 Rev. Dr. Harding Ng 01-28-2018 Rev. Larry Hung 01-28-2018 – Rev. Sophia Chan 01-21-2018 Rev. Jonathan…
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2017 Donation Receipt Address Update

  In the efforts to be more environmentally friendly as well as improving the process of delivery on 2017 donation receipts, please complete the physical insert or online form (or click the above image) to provide us with your updated address as well as email address for electronic copy of the receipt. Please provide these information to us…
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2017 Christmas Musical Highlights

[Photography: Daisy Chan, Joseph Ieong, Kevin Kwong]

English Sermons – MP3

03-18-2018 Rev. Edmund Wu 03-11-2018 Pastor Jackie Sheridan  03-04-2018 Rev. Jonathan Chan 02-25-2018 Pastor Ian Arienda-Jose 02-18-2018 Rev. Edmund Wu 02-11-2018 Rev. Dr, Harding Ng 02-04-2018 Rev. Wesley Lim 01-28-2018 Rev. Edmund Wu 01-21-2018 Pastor Jackie Sheridan 01-07-2018 Pastor Ian Arienda-Jose

崇拜讲道集 – MP3

  03-18-2018 03-11-2018 03-04-2018 02-25-2018 02-18-2018 02-11-2018 02-04-2018 01-28-2018 01-21-2018 01-14-2018 01-07- 2018