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English Sunday Service

TCCC Sunday ebulletin service. We currently have 311 subscribers to our ebulletin service. This has reduced our weekly printed versions of the Sunday service bulletin to 130 copies per week. Please consider subscribing to our Sunday Service ebulletin here.  Thank you. TCCC English Christmas Baptism – December 16, 2018

Out of the Cold (OOTC)

  Serving Opportunities in the Community. TCCC has once again partnered with Mosaic Interfaith to host the 9th year of Out Of the Cold. We are excited to have it being held in the 105 Gibson Centre for 2019, from January 20 to March 31 on Sundays for 11 weeks. The ministry is here to help those…
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加尔文系列讲座 讲员:王艾明牧师博士 语言:普通话 第一讲 绪论:理解加尔文-历史背景和源流 (上) 第一讲 绪论:理解加尔文-历史背景和源流 (下) 第二讲 加尔文:传承与创制 (上) 第二讲 加尔文:传承与创制 (下) 第三讲 《基督教要义》:主题和结构 (上) 第三讲 《基督教要义》:主题和结构 (下) 第四讲 加尔文主义和阿民念主义 (上) 第四讲 加尔文主义和阿民念主义 (下) 第五讲 清教主义和 “五月花号公约” (上) 第五讲 清教主义和 “五月花号公约” (下) 第六讲 加尔文与安立甘宗神学传统 (上) 第六讲 加尔文与安立甘宗神学传统 (下) 加尔文系列讲座 1     |     第一讲 绪论 提纲 加尔文系列讲座 2     |     第二讲…
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2018 Donation Receipt Address Update

Loading… Please complete the physical insert in your bulletin  or online form  to provide us with your updated address as well as email address for electronic copy of the receipt. If there are brothers and sisters who are currently out of town, please direct them to this post or forward them the link ( so they may…
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Protected: 小組 Small Group

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Faith Hope Love

November 17, 2018 Faith Hope Love 11-17-2018 – MP4 Video Download Topic: Year end Thanksgiving sharing Guest speakers: Pastor Paul Ng, Pastor Amy Liu, and Pastor Farrah Ng Chairperson: Sister Ruby Lee October 20, 2018 Topic:  生命囑福 Speaker: Asanda Cheung September 15, 2018 Topic: 牧者心聲 Guest Speaker: Pastor Alex Chan August 11, 2018 Topic: 減軽痛楚,伸展動運動…
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TCCC 43rd Membership Meeting – December 2, 2018

Notice of our 43rd Membership Meeting  Our 43rd Membership Meeting  for all TCCC members is to be held at the Side Chapel at 2:00 p.m. on December 2nd , 2018 to vote on the following motions proposed by the ECB : 1) To approve September 16th, 2018 the 42nd Membership Meeting (SGM) minutes; 2) To…
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